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Why should I buy GS1 US issued barcodes from Simply Barcodes?

First and foremost GS1 is the single organization in the world from which all legitimate UPC and EAN numbers (now known as GTIN-12 and GTIN-13, respectively) have to originate; as do the ones that you can obtain from Simply Barcodes.
Simply Barcodes sells authentic and official UPC codes & EAN codes that originate through GS1.
Buy GS1 Issued UPC Codes
GS1 stands for Global Standards One. As the name suggests, the organization can be considered primarily as the standards organization managing the assignment of various numbering schemes upon which global commerce has come to rely. Additionally, though arguably with varying levels of success, the organization attempts to promote uniformity and consistency as it relates to the coding of distributable goods.
GS1 was formed in 2005 by the merger of the Uniform Code Council (UCC) and EAN International. On the 7th of June 2005 the UCC become the official GS1 member organization for the United States of America under the new name of GS1 US.
GS1 US is one of many member organizations (MO) under the GS1 umbrella. Most countries in the world today have their own GS1 MOs. The country-specific MOs can differ substantially in pricing, policies, and procedures.
Simply Barcodes sells authentic and official UPC codes and EAN codes that originate through GS1. To request more information concerning Universal Product Codes (UPC) Bar Codes, please call on 1-877-872-2060 (toll-free) or 1-404-885-6066.
You can order online and receive fast email delivery of UPC or EAN barcode image. Simply Barcodes sells UPC code and EAN codes outright, with no memberships, renewals or annual fees, setup fees, or any other ongoing commitments.



For more information regarding GS1 US Issued UPC Codes:
Call 877-872-2060 (toll-free) or 1-404-885-6066 (international)

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