As part of our partnership with LabelCalc, we are pleased to offer you a 10% discount on your UPC or EAN barcode order. Just enter labelcalc210 in the promo code field of our order form or mention it when you place your order by phone.
How to get started:

You need to decide which type of barcode is right for you. If your products are destined for the United States or Canada then you will need a UPC (view sample) code. Products exported to countries outside of North America can use either a UPC or
EAN (view sample) code.

You need to decide where to obtain your UPC or EAN numbers to be used to make the barcodes. You may purchase your numbers & corresponding barcodes from us or you may lease the UPC numbers directly from GS1 and then have us create your barcodes using their numbers.
The seven main differentiators between our company and GS1 are:
       Our significantly lower overall cost.
    We do NOT charge you any ongoing annual fees. Our UPC barcodes are sold for
          a single, straight-forward, one-time fee.
    We do NOT require you to disclose your Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number.
    Our price is fixed. We do NOT increase prices based on your existing/projected
          sales figures.
    We do NOT require you to release your confidential annual sales figures at all.
    We include the barcode graphic for free for all orders.
    We can complete your order within hours, not days.

Should you represent a business that needs UPC codes for a very large number of products/product variations or if you are definitely going to be selling through one of the only two retailers in the world known to require direct UCC membership: The Kroger Co. and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. then you will have no choice but to deal with GS1 directly.

Option 1 - UPC
Option 2 - EAN Option 3 - Images Only
To purchase your
UPC (view sample) numbers & corresponding barcode graphics from us, please click here:
To purchase your
EAN (view sample) numbers & corresponding barcode graphics from us, please click here:
If you leased your UPC numbers from GS1 and are ready for us to prepare your barcode graphics, please click here:


For more information regarding UPC codes / barcodes:
Call 877-872-2060 (toll-free) or 1-404-885-6066 (international)

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