The requirements for a barcode for magazines differ slightly from the standard UPC bar coding for other retail products. The reason for this deviation is that the magazine industry requires the ability to differentiate the different issues of a given year's magazine.
Please consider this example:

Buy Barcodes for Magazines
Buy Barcodes for Magazines
The image above shows a barcode for a magazine.
The 12-digit barcode on the left is the standard UPC barcode. It identifies the sale of one magazine. Every issue of a particular magazine of publishing company XYZ available for sale features this same 12-digit UPC code.

What differs from one issue of the magazine to another is the barcode on the right. This barcode is referred to as the periodical (bar)code or issue supplemental and identifies the issue of a given year. For example:
  • A magazine being published quarterly would feature issue codes 01, 02, 03, and finally 04. The following year, the magazine would once again start over with 01.
  • A monthly magazine would require issue codes 01 through 12.
  • A weekly magazine would require issue codes 01 through 53.

When a magazine is scanned at the register of your retailer the scanner reads the 12-digit UPC code and knows that it is dealing with a single magazine from publishing card company XYZ. However, only once the scanner picks up the 2-digit supplemental code does the computer know which particular issue of the magazine has been sold. This helps the retailer keep accurate inventory data, know how well/poorly any one of your issues are selling, and when restocking/reordering is needed.
If you are purchasing barcodes for magazines then you will therefore need only one UPC barcode to identify your magazine. In addition to this UPC you will need as many issue supplemental codes as you have issues per year. This is to your benefit because the issue supplemental codes are much cheaper than the UPC codes. Therefore, this system reduces your overall cost by not forcing you to put a different UPC code on every issue.
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