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Please review the example pictures below:
The bottom left features the standard UPC code. It is optional if you plan to only sell through traditional book stores such as Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. If you plan to also sell your book through other retail outlets such as Target, Costco, Publix, Walgreens, and others then we recommend adding this UPC code, as it is the standard barcode scanned by regular retailers. The cost for the UPC number is $89 and includes the UPC barcode graphic. [ Order your UPC code here ]

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The right side features the standard ISBN (International Standard Book Number) barcode, which is required by traditional book sellers such as Barnes & Nobles, Borders, and Amazon. You first obtain your ISBN number from ISBN.org. We offer the service of converting your ISBN number to the barcode graphic that you see here at a cost of $25. [ Order your ISBN graphic here ]

The small 5-digit barcode next to the ISBN represents your suggested retail price. The first digit of this pricing barcode indicates the currency. The remaining 4 digits indicate the price xx.yy of your book. If you do have a suggested price, please let us know the amount and the currency. If you decide not to recommend a price or if your price is more than 99.99, the pricing barcode will read 90000. The cost of creating this pricing barcode is included in the $25 fee for the ISBN barcode image (see item #2).

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