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Coupon barcodes are currently transitioning from a very simple model of simply encoding a specific discount to a far more complex model of allowing for many different variables to be encoded.
The Evolution of Barcodes for Coupons
The Old Way

The Current Way

The Future

To put it simply: barcodes for coupons are becoming far more intelligent. Today’s barcodes for coupons consist of two parts:

The left portion of the coupon barcode is scanned by retailers who cannot yet read the right portion. This left coupon barcode encodes information relating the coupon back to your item, your family code, and the value of the coupon. More about these components later. . .

The right portion of your coupon barcodes represents the new addition. It is in this part of the coupon bar code that we can encode the most details of your promotion. This part is referred to as GS1 Databar or RSS (reduced space symbology). RSS (aka GS1 Databar) simply means that a lot of information can be encoded in a small space; hence “reduced space symbology.”
This right part of your coupon barcodes is very complex and consists of many digits. In this GS1 Databar (RSS) portion of your barcodes for coupons, we can encode many rules such as:
  • Very specific purchase requirements (such as buy 2 get 1 free OR buy a specific item and get a discount on a different item purchased at the same time)
  • Value of the coupon (such as $0.15 off)
  • Do you give permission for double coupon promotions by the retailer?
  • Exact start of your coupon
  • Exact expiration date
  • and many more. . .
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