Free UPC Codes - Is it real or is it a scam?
We are often asked about the few companies who appear to offer "free" UPC numbers and barcodes. You may have seen advertisement with phrases such as: "Get a free UPC bar code with your replication order." or "Our company offers a FREE of charge unique UPC bar code number for any title we manufacture for you." So, are the "free" UPC Codes a scam?

The Answer - Many "Free UPC Codes" are a scam but ALL of them are a dangerous gamble!
A number of the companies making claims of issuing free UPC codes are outright scams. Instead of assigning you an official UPC number, these firms simply use barcode graphing software and enter a random 12-digit number. When you finally take your product to your retailer you may find that this number is either completely invalid or, as happens more frequently, has already been officially issued to another firm's product. As a result, the retailer/distributor will refuse to carry your product and you will have to remake your entire inventory using a real barcode instead of the bogus free UPC code.

Do you really own a free UPC code?
No, ownership is not transfered to your company. So, if this company goes out of business, merges, gets bought out, or otherwise takes an action that causes their GS1 (formerly UCC) membership to expire, your barcodes will immediately become invalid and GS1 will lease them to another company. As a result, your retailers/distributors will discontinue your existing products as well as, in some cases, impose large fines.

How is Simply Barcodes different?
1) We sell authentic and official UPC numbers, including the barcode graphic.

2) Our UPC codes are authentic and valid GS1 (formerly UCC) issued barcodes. So, there is no danger of cross-over or duplication.

3) You receive full ownership rights of your number(s) when you purchase from us.

For further information on the process, please review our Home page.

For more information regarding UPC codes / barcodes:
Call 877-872-2060 (toll-free) or 1-404-885-6066 (international)

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